Why does Cycle Closet exist?

Cycle Closet exists to provide cyclists One-Stop-Shops for Head-to-Toe kit. We are a family business that started in 2015 in Adelaide, Australia. Back then our family of road and mountain bike riders found it hard to find the kit we wanted in stores or online. Most local stores didn’t have much to choose from (especially for women) and online we spent too much time clicking through menus with bikes and bike stuff. So, we decided to open stores to help other cyclists who were probably having the same problems.
Shop hassle free if you are a cyclist, at a Cycle Closet store – open since 2015!
Cycle Closet have kit from over 100 Brands in our Adelaide, Brisbane and Online shops. The specialist cycling range includes lots of well known brands, plus products from boutique designers. The aim of Cycle Closet stores is to enable you to find kit that fills your performance, comfort and style needs. All our staff are riders and happy to guide your browsing. Cycle Closet gives back to the cycling community via event sponsorship and prizes. Our outreach programs are to cycling youth in Namibia (P.A.Y.) and to 19 yr old Jimmy Ashby (free kit) riding around the world raising money for medical research.

In summary, Cycle Closet have more than 100 Brands in three stores specialising in Head-to-Toe kit = our Online store and two local stores in Adelaide and Brisbane . . . where will our next store be? . . . which new products will be next?

Own the Kit = Love the Ride