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31 October, 2018, blog entry about Kit for Namibia The first box of kit has been delivered to Namibia Who’s involved? Firstly, Cycle Closet. Secondly, our local customers in Adelaide and Brisbane. Thirdly, cyclists from Victoria who have mailed boxes of kit from over 500 km away to help this Cycle Closet outreach. In other

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Is strength training good for your cycling? Well that’s what I’ve read in books and blogs, and the pro’s do it, so it must be good, right? I’m going to check it out for myself and take you “along for the ride” But first, a quick introduction…I’m Dale Smith, the store manager of Cycle Closet

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24 October, 2018, blog entry about Kit for Namibia What’s this Blog about? Cycle Closet is the first business in the Southern Hemisphere to join the Africa Kit Appeal (AKA). The AKA is a charity which encourages bike riders around the world to donate cycling clothes to help youth in Africa pursue their cycling dreams.

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