Cycle Closet's COVID actions

New Safe Practises­

  • Store layouts designed for social distancing with lots of space for moving around in store
  • Our stores are large enough areas to have 20 people in store each with a 4 m sq space to themselves
  • We’ve put specific anti-COVID-19 cleaning and hygiene routines in place. The emphasis is on staff hand washing with soap approximately hourly and disinfecting hard surfaces regularly and frequently
  • We now only accept contactless payments, not cash. This eliminates the possibility of picking up viruses from money
  • No more trying on kit in store that needs to go over your head. This minimises risk of transfer from fellow riders’ mouths, noses and eyes which are the recognised travel routes of viruses.

Helping You Shop Safer

‘Pre-Picked Orders’ for locals who aren’t comfortable with walking around the displays. You email your shopping list to your local store, and staff will collect you requests together for you. You then drop in to ‘see-feel-try’ the selection person in store and can pay for the items you want for your next solo ride

We’re posting out emailed orders if you are able to pay for them over the phone. This is for people who can’t get to a store, but who’d like to chat to the staff in their local store instead of doing an online order

New ‘Click and Collect’ stations set up in each store. This allows you to walk into store, and go straight to the counter for rapid collection of orders completed online. You’ll get a quick hello! And off you go! with your new kit!


Making it easier to Get Kit

We reduced the spend requirements for FREE Postage

Shop online, phone through your order, or email us your shopping list and you'll get FREE shipping throughout Australia and world-wide when your spend over $80! You get access to kit direct from within Australia, from cycling apparel we've sourced for you from Australian and Internationally renowned designers and Brands.

We understand the economic pressures on many riders during the pandemic. With this in mind, we've introduced Zip Pay, Buy now Pay later (in 4), for Online customers and shoppers in our Local stores. This is helpful because you can spread out paying for your new kit  over a 4 installment plan, but, we'll pack and ship your new kit ASAP or we'll contact you to let you know that your 'Click & Collect' order is ready for collection

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