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Castelli Speed Suit Body Paint 3.3

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Our speed suit project is permanently open, and we believe that we’re going to continue to see significant gains over the coming years. The Body Paint 3.3 version is the result of CFD modeling followed by extensive pattern engineering and fabric research, then further testing in the wind tunnel and on the road. The back is in an open mesh that we chose because the wind tunnel said it’s the fastest, but as a bonus it keeps you cool as well. Same with the leg endings, which incorporate a mesh that keeps you cool while inducing a bit of turbulence into the boundary layer.


  • Boundary Layer engineering to reduce drag over every portion of the suit.

  • New fabrics on shoulder and lower leg make it even faster.

  • Race number flap|Progetto X2 Air Seamless seat pad for even greater comfort.

  • Race fit: Note that this suit fits very snugly.

  • Never beaten in our wind tunnel testing by any other commercially available suit.|15°-35°C / 59°-95°F

  • Weight:267g