Ten Speed Hero Navy + Pink Stripe Adventure  Socks - Cycle Closet

Ten Speed Hero Navy + Stripe Adventure Socks

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This is a completely re-structured Tenspeed Hero Sock. These Striped Adventure socks come equipped with ergonomic, foot hugging compression fabric, and lightweight yet incredibly durable 6 inch waffle cuffs. They are made using recycled materials, mainly plastic water bottles - which we think is pretty amazing! Not only are we happy to be able to utilize recycled materials, but we are thrilled with their impressive wicking properties and superior airflow as well. 


TSH decided to start by making these simple striped socks to test how the new fabric holds onto pigmented stitching - and we could not be happier! We love this new fabric! Specifically the pigment does not stretch out or distort the design- high contrast between colors is maintained consistently. We also love its ability to hold tight on your leg without cutting off any circulation. These have proved to be our most durable and lightweight socks yet.