Fingerscrossd are based in Traunstein, Germany. The Brand was founded in 2016 and now distributes through retail specialty stores worldwide, including Cycle Closet in Australia. Fingerscrossed design and make cycling socks and they are about:

“Giving socks the attention they deserve”

Overview of Fingerscrossed socks

FINGERSCROSSED socks are High Performance cycling socks that do not compromise in design or performance. The parts of heel and toes offer a triple strengthening to grant comfort and long durability. By using PROLEN®YARN these socks can boast offering the best features for cycling socks. High compression throughout the entire sock leads to improved circulation, stabilization and regeneration. Due to the strong compression the socks sit very tight at the beginning, but after a while they adapt to the foot.

Fingerscrossed socks have a low impact on the Environment

Not a drop of water is used to produce the yarn Prolen that Fingerscrossed use as the material for their socks.  In contrast, making cotton consumes heaps of precious of water. This is because producing 1 kg of cotton, can use up to 11.000 litres of water. In many communities worldwide that farm cotton as a crop, the local people have a poor quality of life. This is due in part to a lack of water because of how “thirsty” a crop cotton is. In addition, cotton farmers can have a shortage of food because instead of using their arable land to grow edible crops, they use it for growing cotton.

No hazardous substances are used to make the colourful socks in the Fingerscrossed range. This means a “win” for the environment! The same cannot be said for cotton socks sold for cycling and casual wear. The dyeing process for cotton impacts on rivers in multiple ways.

To produce one kg of cotton, you can use up to 11.000 litres of water. To produce and colour Prolen, you do not use a drop of water.

The manufacturing process for Fingerscrossed socks complies with the strict ecological and toxicological requirements of the bluesign® criteria. The bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product.

You can read more HERE about the standards reached by Fingerscrossed to qualify for recognition as using methods that are environmentally friendly and involve safe production. When you buy and wear Fingerscrossed socks, you will not only be making a cycling fashion statement, but also own a sustainable product. For a one page overview, please see the extract below taken from a bluesign® pamphlet.

Fingerscrossed socks promote healthy feet and a healthy you!

The fabric used by Fingerscrossed is safer to wear next to your skin. What cyclist doesn’t like “matchy matchy” socks or riding. This means you almost always want to be able to choose socks that make a statement through overall colour or with colourful design features. Cotton and other types of yarns are usually dyed on the surface, that means that the dyes can migrate to your skin plus to the rivers after being washed, The dyeing process of cotton (for example for jeans) and other types of yarns destroys rivers.

Fingerscrossed socks can be worn by people with very sensitive skin because they don’t contain toxic substances (surface dyes, pesticides, formaldehydes), which can be absorbed via the skin into the lymphatic system or circulating blood. None of the material in the final sock product has been found to react with perspiration – a good thing for riders pushing long and hard on the pedals.

Fingerscrossed socks have a moderately negative charge, which can be beneficial for the body. A negatively charged ion in prolen®yarn promotes blood circulation and purification, which is may influences regulation of the function of nerves and other cells in the body. This means Fingerscrossed sock can help you keep cool on summer rides, which is an attractive feature for riders in Australia and other countries with Mediterranean climates. Riders living in colder parts of the world will also like Fingerscrossed socks because the fabric of their socks heats up in winter to give you comfy cosy feet inside your shoes.


Why the material is so suited for cycling
FINGERSCROSSED guarantees a new dimension of comfort and freedom of movement. PROLEN® is the lightest fibre ever developed, with a density lower than water, 50% lighter than cotton. PROLEN® clothing is the lightest so far on the market. The PROLEN®YARN has no water-absorbing coating on the outside, which would wash off after some time. Rather, this coating is integrated into the yarn. There is no coating either in the yarn. Prolen itself from the nature does not absorb moisture, it just wicks it away. The yarn lies directly on the skin and does not absorb any moisture. It can absorb moisture from the body and transport it outwards through the empty spaces of the yarn. Simply put, your skin (and therefore your feet) will stay dry for longer.
Not only will your feet stay dry when you ride in Fingerscrossed socks, but they will also help your feet at an even temperature while you’re cycling. PROLEN® socks help you to maintain this ideal temperature because they adapt to your skin temperature. The PROLEN® yarn has the lowest conductivity of all fibres and provides thermal comfort due to its exceptional insulating power.


Resistant to abrasion, tension and tearing. PROLEN®’s resistance to wear is 2.5 times that of cotton or wool. PROLEN® garments withstand bad weather, sun, sweat and moisture very well. Thanks to the fact that the yarn is dyed with a drum dye Prolen is dope-dyed or mas dyed, i think drum dye is sth different , the racing socks remain colourfast even after repeated washing. The colour does not migrate to your skin.

The last word . . .

When you’re in Fingerscrossed socks you will be riding in style with happy feet that are cool in summer, warm in winter, and don’t get wet/sweaty

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