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Ridge Supply Wool Double Gap Socks, 2020

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The wool version of Ridge Supply's Double Gap socks are perfect for you to wear when the Temps Drop because this sock Stands Watch With You. You will find these socks keep your feet comfy for activites ranging from exercising or training while cycling, running or hiking or when you want to relax and go walking. The Wool Kyle socks are also a good choice for casual wear any weekend when you want warm toes at the cafe.


  • 6” Wool Thermal Cuff & Full Padded Heel/Toe
  • Compression Arch
  • Coolmax Top Foot


  • 59% Merino Wool
  • 39% Nylon
  • 2% Lycra
  • Custom Made in North Carolina by DeFeet International.
  • World Famous Aireater 6-Inch Single Cuff.


  • Women's Sizing: Small (6-8) Med (8.5-10.5) Large (11-13)
  • Men's Sizing: Small (4.5-6.5) Med (7-9) Large (9.5-11.5) XL (12-14)
  • EU Sizing: Small (36-39.5) Med (40-42.5) Large (43-45.5) XL (46-48)