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Velocio Men's Signature Jersey 2017

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This jersey is basically perfect, as long as  you aren’t shy about showing off what’s underneath it.

I must not be too shy because I reach for it more than any other jersey in my closet, and when I’m wearing it, I don’t think about it. It’s soft, compressive, and comfortable. And it breathes well. I rode this in Spain’s late summer humidity, and that was the only time this jersey felt even remotely bogged down in sweat.

Velocio says the fabric is designed to pull moisture away from the body, thus keeping you dry and comfortable. That seems to play out here in Colorado, where the humidity never ticks higher than ‘slightly noticeable.’ But as I mentioned, I rode this jersey in some pretty humid locales as well, and while it gets sweaty like any jersey would, the Signature jersey was noticeably more comfortable and less clammy than others I’ve worn recently.