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Dharco Men’s SS Jersey (2017-18)

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Dharco Men’s SS Jersey

This is a casual looking jersey, however don’t let this fool you. Because it has functional properties that make it suited for all types of riding (even on road). For off-road riding, this includes everything from freeride to trail. Dharco have coupled a great fit with amazing fabric to make you look and feel good on the trails.

Features include:

> Performance moisture wicking quick dry fabric
> Recycled polyester
> Mesh side panels for airflow
> Zip pocket – stash a key, phone, snack, liftpass or cash
> Loose fit, casual look
> Easy entry collar
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In summary,

This short sleeved jersey is especially designed for hot weather riding, because the fabrics used keep you cool and minimise odours

In conclusion, Darhco say: It acts, but doesn’t look, like sports wear


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