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Abus Lumino Active Bar Reflector Strip

Abus Lumino Active Bar Reflector Strip

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In the dark and at dusk, it is important to be seen by other road users. Especially if you are cycling in road traffic. The LED wristband with continuous and flashing light function is worthwhile in these cases. Thanks to the velcro fastener, it can be flexibly attached around the upper arm. It can also be attached to prams, walkers, backpacks, walking sticks, bicycles and much more.


  • Continuous and flashing light function at the touch of a button
  • Incl. replaceable battery CR2032
  • Light lasts up to 100 hours
  • Suitable for rainy weather thanks to fully welded-in, waterproof exterior
  • Tested according to European standard EN 13356:2001
  • Visibility of 150 metres at night and 100 metres during the day
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