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Assos Women's Tights Habu Laalalai S7

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The Women's Habu LaaLaLai_S7 Tights utilise Assos' RX Heavy fabric - a water-repellent and fast-drying material - featuring a reinforced double layer on the front and behind the knee. A panel of their Stratagon windproof fabric protects your waist and abdomen, keeping you warm even when the temperature dips.The fleece lining is incredibly soft to the touch offering exceptional thermal insulation, unbeatable climate control and unparalleled comfort.

The fit is engineered to sit perfectly when you're in your riding position. Assos refers to the tights 'clicking on' to your body, that feeling when everything feels just right. This excellent fit is due to Assos' many years of expertise in tailoring women's cycling garments that fit just right. When you stand upright, the mono-bib pulls and feels all wrong - but this is correct - drop down to a cycling tuck and there is the 'click on' fit.

The tights also utilise the revolutionary S7 generation of women's specific lightweight, breathable insert, with its advanced waffle textile design and ASSOS goldenGate technology - which allows the insert to float, reducing friction - thus ensuring complete freedom of movement and comfort when pedalling. With 8mm of memory foam, the insert supports and cushions you whether riding a long distance or on a short loop.