Black Sheep Womens Limited Edition Vest

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Product Overview

Black Sheep Cycling; born in Brisbane, Australia - a relatively new brand that like to do things a little differently. The individual and unique style is married with top performance technology, and expresses the team's passion for cycling and the associated community that creates. Their latest limited edition collection pays homage to the height of the Pop Art movement of the mid 1960's, and is as bold and brash as they come, in full celebration of this fun, colourful and revolutionary era.


Inspired by one of the most influential and innovative artists of the Pop Art movement, the Masterpiece kit is bold and brash. Roy Lichtenstein's Masterpiece painting of 1962 has a cartoon-like feel typical of his style and is regarded as a tongue-in-cheek prediction of his own fame. 55 years later, this piece sold for a whopping $165 million.

The painting's colours and graphics are clearly echoed in both the men's and women's jersey and bib short combinations. Time will tell if this limited edition kit will follow in the footsteps of Lichtenstein's Masterpiece, becoming world-famous and ultimately, priceless. The clamor to get your hands on this kit before it's all snapped up.

Gone Dotty

Last but not least, the Pop Art range wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Ben-Day dots and Comic Book slogans. The former a hallmark of artist Roy Lichtenstein, this printing process was used in comics of the 50’s and ’60s as an inexpensive way to use just four colours to create shading and secondary hues. Always of even distribution, almost every panel of the women’s kit features this bold design. 'Black Sheep' has been depicted in an impactful comic book style on the front and back of both the jersey and vest.