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Isadore Women's Climbers Jersey, 2018-19

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Active moisture management

Super-soft Merino bi-component material

Lightweight Lycra printed sleeves and panels

Constructed for hard efforts in hot conditions

Specifically made for intensive workouts and riding uphill, the Climber's jersey will keep the body temperature balanced when it is hot outside. Merino fibers naturally absorb UV radiation, protecting the skin from the damage caused by direct sunlight.

Made from a lightweight Merino bi-component material and lightweight Lycra (23% Merino Wool / 77% Polyester) combined with ultra lightweight lycra (14% Elastane, 86% Polyester) sleeves and side panels.

Beautiful ultra lightweight merino jersey inspired by Mount Etna is perfect for summer and warm spring rides. The special fabric texture and construction prevent overheating even in the warmest climatic conditions and wicks sweat away, so nothing can compromise your summer climbings.

It may not be visible on the outside, but Mt.Etna is one of the most active volcanos in the world. A true metaphor of road cycling: you won’t get many dramatic go-pro moments on the way up, but a constant activity is accumulating under the surface.

When we were riding at Etna backyard, the city of Catania, surrounding the Mount Etna, welcomed us with sunny and pleasant weather. As we approached Mount Etna, sunlit impressive landscapes were everywhere we looked. No trees or vegetation, only black and reddish granular soil and beautiful volcanic roads of Sicily.


1. Full-length zip to regulate your body temperature

2. High SPF rating

3. Excellent temperature and odour control

4. Streamlined slim-fit cut

5. Reinforced back pockets where you can fit your jacket if not needed

Designed by Martin Velits.