Isadore Novesta X Star Master casual shoes, 2019 - Cycle Closet

Isadore Novesta X Star Master casual shoes, 2019

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Organic cotton with water repellent treatment for a durable and water-resistant exterior

Eco rubber sole made from the finest natural rubber vulcanized without using harmful chemicals

Closure using reel knob lacing system for one hand adjustment

100% recycled insole milled in Italy made from breathable agglomerate using recycled polyurethane, known for its high humidity absorption.

Reflective stripe in tone with the shoe color for better visibility.

Subtly branded with Novesta x Isadore insignia

Black rubber soles in men’s, dark blue in women’s sizes

No cycling cleats platform on the rubber sole

We love the classic sneaker shape of the Novesta Star Master, which prompted us to pursue this co-lab. And we have enjoyed the development every step of the way, experimenting with all the possibilities.

The goal was to create a hybrid between casual and cycling gear. And we feel we have created something unexpected, bold and, in a way, experimental.

The Star Master is the signature shoe for Novesta, with its unmistakable appearance, chunky sole and vulcanized marks to set it apart as an authentic Novesta. Every pair is handmade using the finest rubber and canvases.