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Isadore Women's Echelon Jersey, 2019

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  • Refined aesthetic

  • Aggressive cut

  • Constructed from Italian fabrics with Sanitized® antibacterial treatment

  • Subtle labeling

  • Reinforced rear pockets for safe storage of essentials

  • Made in Slovakia

The jersey has a reworked cut to enhance a rider’s performance.

We use Sanitized® technology to make the jersey bacteria- and odour-resistant.

Super-durable – regardless of how often you wear and wash it, the jersey won’t lose its shape, colour or performance properties.

Features an extra compartment inside the middle pocket to separate carried items. Equipped with inner loop hole for headphone cables.

I7A3O7E Echelon is our most minimal, technical and unconventional collection. Made for the highest performance and endurance, it remains true to Isadore's commitment to comfort.

Designed by Martin Velits.