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Koo California Sunglasses, 2023

Koo California Sunglasses, 2023

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Frame - Lens


The KOO California Glasses are stylish and functional casual wear lifestyle glasses that are great for any day. A lightweight and durable polycarbonate frame is used to hold the Zeiss lenses. Zeiss teamed up with KOO to get the very best lenses for visibility in all conditions. Polarized lenses reduce glare and provide perfect 100 percent UV Protection.  The KOO California Glasses combine unbeatable clarity with excellent style. With a ton of customization options, you will be able to find your perfect pair of KOO California Glasses.

The frame is made out of extremely durable polycarbonate. The sunglasses are thus a lightweight and consequently very comfortable to wear.

When it comes to optics, KOO continues its collaboration with Zeiss®. The California is equipped with a number of up-to-date technologies such as polarized lenses - to reduce glare, multi-layer coating - to add strength and tri-flection - to provide higher protection.


    // Polycarbonate frame
    // Zeiss® lenses
    // 100% UV protection

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