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Koo Orion Sunglasses, 2019

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KOO is the independant eyewear brand of Italian helmet manufacturer, Kask. Koo's genesis in 2017 came with a single offering in the shape of the OPEN, a full frame sunglass that featured an innovative arm folding system and optically precise lenses from German market leader Carl Zeiss. The subsequent season saw the introduction of a half-frame version - the OPEN3 or OPEN CUBE. It is fair to say that they became immediately popular with staff and customers alike at 700 and the brand have out-sold Oakley for the past 2 seasons. For 2019, KOO introduce the new ORION.

The ORION is the first binocular (2 independent lenses) open frame. The binocular construction has it's own unique benefits and has taken KOO a while to bring to market for one simple reason: they will only produce a product once they are convinced that every element of that product is perfect. I first saw a sample of the Orion back in October 2017 and it is fair to say that they have come a long way from that already excellent design. Binocular glasses allow for a greater lens curvature while maintaining optimal optical clarity. This extra curve lends greater eye protection while simulataneously offering enhanced visibility. In addition they are also RX compatible - that is, you can use prescription lenses in the frames - something that the myopic amongst us will no doubt make good use of and the Orion fills the gap in the range for the Italian brand.