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POC Ventral SPIN Helmet, 2018-19

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Fresh from the WATTS Lab and brimming with innovative safety features, the POC Ventral SPIN bike helmet has finally landed and is ready to revolutionise the way we stay protected when cycling on the road.

Speed, safety and ventilation, the three key components to producing an explosive display on the road. Pairing with the Ventral Spin allows you to benefit from each and every component, gracing your ride with innovative features certain to have you breaking away from the peloton. Crafted after consultations with the Cannondale - drapac Pro Cycling team, POC have gone all out to ensure their creation is a leading light in the protection market. There is an improvement to aerodynamic performance thanks to the flow of air being directed through the head rather than around it while a range of different pressure zones have been created thanks to the Venturi effect. Making the most of specific airflow zones, it has a drastic effect on the airflow and speed at which you travel.

Allowing for unrivalled comfort and ventilation to shape the way you ride, the Ventral SPIN Helmet keeps you sweat free no matter how fast your cadence is. Allowing for residual air to travel over and around the lid, the aerodynamically optimised trailing edge helps limit turbulence for your smoothest ride yet. Utilising a longer linear airflow off the helmet and the rider, travelling fast should be your only priority.

Impressive Protection


There isn’t much competition for the Ventral when it comes to safety. Unlike most of its rivals who deploy the popular MIPS technology, POC have created their very own protective system known as SPIN, a patent pending rotational impact protection system that reduces the effects of an oblique fall by limiting the amount of force transmitted to the head and brain. Using an innovative and unique pad technology to keep you safe as you break up the road, staying protected from unexpected falls helps to install a new level of confidence as you ride.