Ten Speed Hero Storm Cap (MERDE!) - Cycle Closet

Ten Speed Hero Storm Cap (MERDE!)

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Sailors cutting through the Atlantic, struggling to hoist the outer jib. Pioneers lashing their Conestoga wagons closed against a sudden onslaught. Weary travelers on foot enjoying a refreshing rainfall after a long and dusty day's walk...even Western culture was once connected to the changes of nature; to the back and forth of moisture and aridity. But today, coupe-d up in our little climate-controlled worlds, we have a choice to encounter the cycles of the earth (with all their blessing and danger) or to not encounter them.

Well we choose yes! We choose rain. Hello, rain! Hello ups and downs (in more ways than one) and hello to seizing beauty in situations that could be otherwise considered uncomfortable. Merde!

Made In Italy. One size fits all.