24 October, 2018, blog entry about Kit for Namibia
What’s this Blog about?

Cycle Closet is the first business in the Southern Hemisphere to join the Africa Kit Appeal (AKA). The AKA is a charity which encourages bike riders around the world to donate cycling clothes to help youth in Africa pursue their cycling dreams. This is because many youth in Africa do not have access to good quality cycling kit to wear when they are training or competing in events.
Therefore, Cycle Closet have chosen join in and help disadvantaged youth in Namibia as part of their outreach mission for fellow cyclists. Cycle Closet are supporting an initiative called the Physically Active Youth (P.A.Y.) Programme in Namibia. The PAY offers local disadvantaged youth in Namibia a better education and the chance to improve their self-image and improve fitness.
Cyclists from around Australia have enthusiastically supported this charity outreach and dropped off lots of Head-to-toe kit already.
Therefore we could ship the first two boxes of cycling apparel to Namibia last week off! There were over 100 items in those two boxes!

WINDHOEK, 08 September 2016 – Xavier Papo (in yellow) and Costa Seibeb in action during the 2016 Pick ‘n Pay Mountain Bike cycle challenge. (Photo by: Hesron Kapanga) NAMPA

31 October, 2018, blog entry about Kit for Namibia

The first box of kit has been delivered to Namibia

Who’s involved?

Firstly, Cycle Closet.
Secondly, our local customers in Adelaide and Brisbane.
Thirdly, cyclists from Victoria who have mailed boxes of kit from over 500 km away to help this Cycle Closet outreach.
In other words, lots of cyclists from all over Australia!
Our generous customers in Adelaide and Brisbane continue to drop off kit to their local Cycle Closet stores. Click HERE for the locations of our Australian stores. In conclusion for this entry, the Cycle Closet staff team send out a huge “Thank you” to all who have donated their spare cycling kit.


7 November, 2018, blog entry

The SECOND box of kit arrived in Namibia

The next two boxes are already being packaged up ready for shipment. Watch out for the next update to this Blog about who the amazing riders are who continue to send boxes of kit to Cycle Closet Adelaide in South Australia from across the border in the state of Victoria . .
Are there any MTB or dirt cyclists out there who can donate some kit? In the first Blog post I mentioned about some PAY cyclists taking on the challenge of the Desert Dash – so – got any kit hidden away you could dig out for us to send them to wear in December 2018?????

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