Personal Fitting Services in Local Stores

Visit our Cycle Closet store in Adelaide to get your next new piece of head to toe cycling or triathlon apparel. Our knowledgeable local staff are all riders, and they can guide you in making the right choice.

Your cycling journey, your style – we've got you covered and we're ready to help you in store to find what suits. Read on for info on getting the perfect fit for jerseys, bibs, shorts, shoes, wetsuits and custom club apparel.


With over 30 brands in-store, you have the luxury of selecting and trying on jerseys tailored from relaxed fit to race streamlined designs. Explore our extensive range of bibs and shorts, each equipped with chamois to suit riders of all levels – from beginners to those embarking on endurance rides. When you try on the cycling bottom that's right for you, you'll know instantly by the feel of the chamois and grippers.


Count on our knowledgeable staff to assist you in finding the perfect-fitting shoes for your upcoming bike ride. Understanding that everyone's feet are unique, our diverse range of brands accommodates various sizes and widths. Discover the ideal level of stiffness to match your riding style. Additionally, if desired, we can expertly fit cleats to your new shoes, ensuring a tailored and comfortable cycling experience.


Ensuring the perfect fit for a wetsuit is paramount. Our collection boasts a comprehensive size range of triathlon wetsuits for both men and women. Visit us to try on these high-performance apparel pieces, guaranteeing optimum comfort for your upcoming training sessions or events. Your satisfaction and performance are our priorities. You can read up ahead of your visit to store about what 2XU say about wetsuit fit HERE.


Have you got a great idea for a custom kit for your bunch, club or business? Cycle Closet has you covered. We collaborate with Melbourne-based cycling apparel company CAT1 to deliver a range of high performance, professionally designed products for our custom clients. Design is free! Come and talk to us in store at our Cycle Closet Adelaide store and check out our 'try on range' for custom fittings of apparel by CAT-1.  Also feel free to send a message to our design team at CAT1 to get you started. Email  Get to know CAT1 on their Facebook page HERE