Isadore cares for cyclists and the environment

Isadore cares for cyclists and the environment

From the beginning, Isadore Apparel has been committed to being the most environmentally friendly, high quality cycling clothing brand possible. Martin and Peter Velits founded the brand when they were still professional cyclists, and the company benefits from their racing experience as well as from their determination to work towards a carbon neutral production.

Now that we are living in a world where cataclysmic landslides can cancel the Queen stage of the Tour de France, and summer racing in Australia runs alongside devastating fires, we see the need to ask ourselves whether this is the new normal, and what can we do to make a positive impact.

When the stakes are this high, even the smallest contribution can have a lasting effect. That’s why we are looking at every aspect of our production chain to find the absolute most environmentally friendly way to conduct business. Cycling is not only our livelihood, but our life. And we want to find ways to make certain our children and our children’s children will be able to enjoy the same two-wheeled adventures as we did.

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