Got a great idea for a custom kit for your bunch, club or business? 

Cycle Closet has you covered. We collaborate with Melbourne-based cycling apparel company CAT1 to deliver a range of high performance, professionally designed products for our custom clients.

Design is free! And we’ll make it really easy for you.

The CAT1 process includes:

  • free design from bespoke cycling apparel brand CAT1
  • low minimum order quantity of just 5 units per style*
  • a full range of kit and accessories available
  • in-store sample sets to try on, so you can order in confidence
  • online Team Store for ordering by team members
  • a 5 week manufacturing cycle once artwork and the first sample is completed until delivery to Cycle Closet for pick-up

Our timeline is typically:

  • One week to design your custom kit and complete the artwork
  • Two to three weeks to apply the artwork to print templates and to have a first production sample made to check colour reproduction and design
  • Five weeks to complete production of a team order once the first sample is approved

Once your design is finalised we will open your own Team Store that your Team members can use to order and purchase. A Team Store saves a lot of time and work for team managers who do not need to coordinate orders, manage the production process, nor handle finances. Have a look at some examples of Team Stores here on the CAT1 website and read testimonials from teams below.

Team members will need to pay for their order once the design and artwork is approved. We then place an order for manufacturing with the factory.

So what are you waiting for? 

Come and talk to us in store at a Cycle Closet store in Adelaide or Melbourne  today or send a message to our design team at CAT1 to get you started. Email You can see the try on range when you visit us.

Check out the range of CAT1 kit at Cycle Closet HERE and get to know CAT1 on their Facebook page HERE.

*The minimum order of 5 units means 5 units of the same style and gender. For example, one of these options: 

  • 5 men's short sleeve jerseys of various sizes, OR
  • 5 women's bib knicks of various sizes 


Rode in the new kit today. Feedback very encouraging. Fit & quality impressive. Particularly impressed with the knicks. They are an amazing fit.   Philip. Black Rock Group

Confirming the kit was delivered yesterday. All fitting well and tested out on a group ride this morning.  Ken. Tonkin.

Thanks for the jerseys! They have just been hand delivered to us! They look great!  Carmen. Tonkin