Which Velocio bibs or shorts will suit you?

Which Velocio bibs or shorts will suit you?


Velocio bibshorts and bibless shorts are made from highly compressive performance fabric chosen to provide you excellent support through an athletic fit. Velocio bibshorts will probably feel small when you first put them on and will often require washing and a few rides for them to "break in." We strongly believe in the benefits of compression - both in its performance benefits, as well as in its long-distance comfort - and Velocio designed all of their bibs with this in mind.

Should you want a more relaxed fit in your bibshort, for Velocio bibs we suggest you go up one size larger.

1. Do size M Velocio bibshorts fit the same size person as M in other brands?

All brands sizing is not the same, but here's a guide for Velocio. Generally, all Velocio bibshorts are designed and manufactured to be as close to the same leg length as possible. We give Velocio a tick for offering customers this consistency to be able to compare different styles easily.

You should however keep in mind that because Velocio are serious about providing top performance bibshorts across their range, they use different specialised fabrics to suit the purpose of each bibshort style. They use fabrics with different technical features, including elasticity. You may ask . . what does that mean for me? The effect of this for you as a cyclist, is that the leg length may vary slightly between bibs that use fabrics with differing stretch. Thus predicting leg length and fit of bibshorts is not always an exact science. 

Here's some helpful info:

Velocio have a baseline sizing for their bibshorts and their Women's bibshorts are 22cm (8.7") from the center crotch to the leg gripper in size M, with +/- 1.5cm (0.6") for each increase or decrease in size. The baseline indicator for Velocio's Men's bibshorts are 25.5cm (10") in size M, with +/- 1.5cm (0.6") per size grading.

2. Do I try on more than one style of Velocio bibshorts?

Yes. We'd suggest that you always try on more than one style of whichever apparel item you're thinking about buying. That's because we want you to ride in stylish comfort. So here's some background information on the fit and compression of the different styles of Velocio Bibshorts stocked at Cycle Closet stores. 

As a general guide, all Velocio bibshorts of any given size are expected to fit the same across their complete range. Therefore, once you know your size for one style of bibshorts, you can order the same size in an alternate style, for example if you wear size L in Velocio's Signature Bibshorts, you will likely find the size L to be the best fit in their Foundation bibshorts.

But please keep in mind, that there are some differences in fit so we think it would be handy for you to know about how the differences influence size/fit. In terms of the fit, the main difference is the amount of compression each style of Velocio bibshort offers. So that's what we'll focus on next. 


3. Are my bibshorts too small if takes a little bit of time to put them on?

Our answer would be NO! That's because it may well be a bad thing if the bibs are loose and really quick and easy to put on. What? Why? . . .

This couple of photos show the smooth fitting legs of Velocio's LUXE. A plus is the lack of seams.

You can't always tell if bibshorts are the right size just by looking at them or getting them half-way on. For example, some riders have said that Velocio LUXE and CONCEPT bibshorts sizes look quite smaller on the hanger in comparison to the same size in some other Brands. But if you keep going when you are pulling them up, once you have them on, they'll feel great. When you come to try on LUXE in particular, you'll probably find it may take a bit of effort to get these higher compression bibshorts to where they should be - but give it go and trust us when we say it's effort well spent. LUXE is the most compressive bibshort offered by Velocio and therefore provides the firmest fit (and slowest to put on) compared to others in the Velocio range. 

You'll find the CONCEPT bibshorts are one step lower in compression than the LUXE and so are slightly less firm around the thighs etc. etc. to meet the needs of riders who still want a high level of compression but not maximum compression.

Will you ride faster if you wear CONCEPT bibshorts? 

We can't promise that, but we think you'll look and feel like a pro in them!

The next step down in compression after CONCEPT are the SIGNATURE bibshorts, which are what Velocio term as medium compression. In other words, SIGNATURE is the lower compression of the three Velocio bibshorts we've mentioned so far, meaning they'd be expected to be a bit less firm than the LUXE and CONCEPT. 

This photo shows the fit of the Velocio SIGNATURE bibs

However, we've found this is still higher compression than some of the other brands we stock at Cycle Closet and so they may not be the choice for you if you're looking for a relaxed fit pair of bibs for your next recreational weekend ride. But read on, because we have some suggestions if that's your riding style.

4. Are there some 'relaxed' options in bibshorts made by Velocio?

FOUNDATION bibshorts are the second lowest compression of Velocio's bibshorts, and are very similar in fit to SIGNATURE. However, if you are looking for a pair of bibshorts that have a lower amount of compression and therefore more closely resemble a relaxed fit, you'd be best to choose the ULTRALIGHT because it's made from ultralight weight fabric and so is the least compressive of Velocio's range of bibshorts.

The Ultralight bibshorts are well suited to riding on hot days in any Country because of the really lightweight fabric used in their construction, which means they feel soft on and breathe well.

Velocio's Ultralight Bibshorts are super light!

There you have it, the inside story courtesy of Velocio to help understand the compression and fit of popular Velocio bibshorts for Men and Women

We'd love to see you in store to help you find you a couple of pairs of bibshorts to try on. 

And, if you don't live in Adelaide, Brisbane or Melbourne, we hope this Blog makes it easier for you to choose the size and style of Velocio bibshorts that best suits you.

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A special thanks to Velocio for access to the material for this Blog