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Assos Women's Bibshort T.rally_s7

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These are the first uniquely female, high performance mountain bike shorts from Assos. Taking all of the knowledge from their road shorts and the experiences gained from the male version of these MTB shorts, using many of the innovative features found their impactPads, regularFit, more robust material  plus a female mountain-bike specific cut, these shorts finally allow a woman to experience superior ASSOS comfort while riding off road.

Technological Engineering:  At the heart of these shorts are Assos' all-new impactPads, small pads to give extra protection while riding. They have also developed a new mountain-bike-specific insert, which is a little wider and positioned differently to give women optimal comfort when riding off road. The bib has the all-new for 2016 magnetic clasp closure system.



  • S7 platform seat insert
  • MTB-specific lady insert
  • type.499 fabric for extra durability
  • 51% spandex to provide unparalleled power-control compression
  • impactPads increases protection
  • kompressorFabric
  • New magnetic clasp


50% Elastane(Spandex), 50% Polyamide(Nylon)