Julie's Velocio Women's Bibs Review

Julie's Velocio Women's Bibs Review

Velocio Women's Foundation Bib Short

Velocio's women's bibs are a standout in the cycling industry, so we asked Julie from our Melbourne store to talk us through what makes them so darn good.
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Just wanted to leave a review of my recent experience of the Cycle Closet Adelaide. I have been riding for many years and have suffered with hot spots and general uncomfortable right foot. I have spent many $ on trying to find the right type of shoes that might help me overcome my issues without success, that was until until I met Ange! Ange took so much time and effort to try and help me, I have never had customer service like this before. Success I finally found some shoes that fit my odd feet (Northwave revolution 3) thanks very much for your help Ange.

Greg Bragg

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