(See Below for Online Policies)

A.1. Local Store Return Policy
You are entitled to returns as per the Australian Consumer Law.

If you find what you bought isn’t suitable please email us (contact.us@cyclecloset.com) or pop back in store or and we’ll be happy to help sort out an exchange or refund. Items are only accepted for return where it’s clear that items haven’t been used (“As New” ). Apparel mustn’t have been worn, other than simply to determine fit. If you’re not sure about fit or function, please ask one of our experienced staff of riders to help you in store before you buy. If you can’t come back to an Adelaide or Brisbane store, you are responsible for postal charges related to returning goods for full or partial refund.

The exception to our “As New” policy is for items returned for Warranty reasons, which we expect to have been worn/used. Plus, we will cover postal charges (at standard postage rate) where a return is for Warranty reasons (see below)

Your satisfaction – as our valued customers – is our primary concern. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us (contact.us@cyclecloset.com) and we will get back you to do our best to sort things out for you.

A.2. Refund Policy
Please get back to us in person or let us know by email to advise you want a refund. Any returned products must not have been used on a ride (as stated above) and should be returned with the original tags and/or Cycle Closet receipt. We offer full refunds of the purchase price (reduced by any discount given on your transaction). Or you can choose to exchange for alternate products, as per the guidelines below.

A.3. Exchange Guidelines
There is no fee to exchange products in store. If the products you choose as replacements for your exchange cost less than the original products purchased, you will be offered the difference as a partial refund in cash. However, if the total cost of replacement products chosen is higher than the original purchase, you must pay the additional cost at the time of the exchange.

A.5. Warranty Returns
Refunds in full can be obtained where a product is faulty or doesn’t function/perform as stated on labels supplied with the product. You can receive a full refund of the purchase price or you can choose to exchange the faulty product for alternate products for an equal (or lesser) cost. If you bring a warranty item back to store, by way of an apology from Cycle Closet, you can spend up to 10% more on the warranty replacement (of an item in the same category/function) than you originally paid for the faulty warranty item.
You are entitled to returns as per the Australian Consumer Law. If you find the products you purchased are unsuitable after you receive them (eg. the wrong size jersey) you need to contact us via email (contact.us@cyclecloset.com) to arrange a return. You can choose between an Exchange; a Refund (via PayPal) or a Credit Voucher. Please see notes below for conditions related to exchanges.

B.1. Notes on Exchange Policy:

1] You can only request items via email to contact.us@cyclecloset.com

2] Exchanges can draw on stock on the Cycle Closet website or related products that may be in a local Australian store (we’ll send you photos and text in response to your email)

3] Exchange Policy does not apply to special custom orders

All products returned for a refund/voucher/exchange must be unused with all original tags attached (or undamaged if loose) any product packaging should also be returned if possible. You may try on the purchased items to determine fit, should that be the issue in question. An exchange will not be available where products look to have been worn other than simply to determine fit, eg. for riding purposes. You are responsible for postal charges related to returning products and do NOT need to use express postage.
If you choose exchange products, they will be posted to you without charges for postage or handling. If the price of your exchange item is less than the between the original product cost, a refund will be issued via PayPal. If the price of items you choose in place/exchange cost more than you paid for the original products, a PayPal invoice for the payment of the difference will be emailed to you prior to shipping.

It is your responsibility to review any relevant sizing chart (on our website or that of the Brand if not available on our website) prior to purchase. Also, please contact us if you have any queries about fit or other features of a particular product and would like advice from our experienced staff before purchase. Please email contact.us@cyclecloset.com for help with product information. We aim to reply to your email within three (3) working days.

Refunds will be available when items are faulty or fail to perform as outlined on the website. Refunds or exchanges are also available if items are damaged due to shipping mishandling, but we need you to provide us with photos of the damaged packing and products and let us know the delivery date. To obtain refunds, please contact us (contact.us@cyclecloset.com) to notify us if any faults or problems arise. Items found to be faulty when unpackaged, must be returned unused with all tags attached. You are welcome to try on the purchased apparel, eg. to check for functionality of components such as pocket zippers, however a refund may not be available when items appear to have been washed incorrectly or mishandled in some other way. Normally refunds aren’t given for product used for riding. The exceptions are:

A] Non-function: If the refund request is because your item doesn’t perform as represented on this website when you use it for riding. Non-performing items can be returned to Cycle Closet Adelaide, following an email to request a full refund of the purchase price together with original postage fees

B] Warranty: If the product develops damage during normal use of the product in the manner for which it’s designed (eg. glove stitching come undone on second ride). To enable us to determine if a product has a warranty issue, at least 3 (three) photos of the product failure area must be emailed to contact.us@cyclecloset.com and we will reply by email within 3 working days. If it is judged to be a Warranty issue the product will replaced for free (including shipping) or a full refund issued via PayPal.