Cycle Closet opened 3rd Aussie Store

Cycle Closet opened 3rd Aussie Store

Cyclists in Victoria have their own local Cycle Closet store

Melbourne riders should head to 516 Hampton St, Hampton to [See -  Feel - Try On - Choose] new kit from a peloton of Brands!

What can you find at Hampton, Melbourne Vic?

"The expansive premises are packed with literally all the cycling kit you could ever imagine – socks, caps, jerseys, gilets, longs, shorts … you name it, it’s there"

Read the complete Bicycling Australia review of Cycle Closet here 

You'll find apparel to suit your riding and fashion style. And can select from plenty of all time favorites and maybe some boutique brands you haven't seen before. Here some of the cycling kit brands you'll find.


We haven't forgotten how much cyclists like to have #matchymatchy, so there are lots of styles and colours for Feet to Hands to Head in the new Melbourne store



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