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Isadore Women's Woolight Jersey, 2019

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  • Ultra light

  • Unique Merino bi-component material texture

  • Active moisture vapor

Extremly lightweight jersey ideal for summer heat riding. Designed to take advantage of the characteristic look of the Merino wool fibers fabric texture yet staying cool without overheating during the hottest summer rides. Constructed from next generation lightweight Merino bi-component material - 77%Polyestere / 23%Merino, only 160g/m2. High in SPF rating. Merino fibers naturally absorb UV radiation offering protection when exposed to direct sunlight. Active moisture vapor transfer and temperature control. Features long zip to help control body temperature. Slim fit cut. Three reinforced back pockets with extra inside the jersey pocket, buttonhole to run headphone cables inside the jersey and an additional zipper, to keep its contents dry and secure. Additional eyelets inside the jersey to lead your headphone cables comfortably. Please note that the color of the jersey is not entirely black, but rather petroleum black with a shade of dark green in it. Made in Slovakia.