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Catlike Rapid Helmet

Catlike Rapid Helmet

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The Rapid Helmet from Catlike is focused on boosting aerodynamic performance during shorter cycling efforts, think short time trials, prologues and shorter track events like sprints and pursuits.

Shorter and faster cycling efforts are very different in their requirements to longer events. This difference in demands gave the Catlike engineers, in collaboration with the University of Granada, the opportunity to optimise the aerodynamics of the Rapid with less need to compromise the aero gains in search of ventilation - the reason is you just don't build up as much heat or moisture when efforts are shorter in duration, hence less need for airflow into the helmet. The result is a helmet that is extremely efficient through the air, reducing drag as speed rises and helping gain those vital fractions of a second that could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Ventilation hasn't been completely ignored though, you'll find the two ear vents channel airflow over the head and out the back of the helmet. It's just enough for more intense efforts and aerodynamic performance isn't sacrificed greatly. The fit is taken care of with a MPS eVo 4-in-1 adjustment system so you can dial in the feel of the helmet and ensure it always remains secure. The large front visor, with rapid fit via magnets, provides maximum field of view, even when you're in an extremely aggressive riding position.


  • Designed in collaboration with the University of Granada
  • Specifically engineered for shorter events
  • Rapid TT visor gives a maximal field of view - rapid fit via magnets
  • MPS eVo 4-in-1 adjustments
  • One Size: Head circumference 54-59cm
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