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Assos S7 Summer Glove

Assos S7 Summer Glove

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The Assos S7 Summer Cycling Gloves feature fantastic padding in the palm to dampen vibrations, and mesh panels between the fingers for a lighter, less restrictive fit.


  • Outside 70% PES, 10% PU, 20% EA
  • Inside 80% PA, 20% EA

Extract from Review by George Hill (link at end)
The Assos Summergloves_S7 are breathable and well padded with a great fit. They kept my hands cool and comfortable on rough roads in 30 degree temperatures.

  • Pros: Breathable, nice amount of padding, excellent grip

As the temperatures rise, I tend to go without mitts, but with the Assos Summer cycling gloves I found I didn't need to. They've been designed with summer riding as a key element, so have excellent breathability and even some noticeable wicking on the back of the hand.  This is achieved through using as much mesh as can be fitted on without making them expensive lacy gloves. As you can see from the photos, they have it above the wrist, between the fingers and on the underside of three fingers, and there's double-thick mesh on the palm. It means that air flows through them really well – which was much appreciated in excessive heat.

In addition to being breathable, they also offer a medium level of padding, with enough there to deaden all but the most violent bumps without losing too much feel of the bars. They also have a lowered tab on the wrist which helps to protect your skin when riding in the drops.

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