Assos Women's 3/4 Knicker HK.Laalalai_s7, 2019 - Cycle Closet

Assos Women's 3/4 Knicker HK.Laalalai_s7, 2019

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A new design on the lower leg optimizes the fit, giving more comfort and better performance. And making them with their type.439 material Assos brings them to a new level of overall comfort. The type.439 material offers slightly more compression than previous models offering enhanced muscle support, helping you to ride further and faster before fatigue sets in. A brand new insert, which takes the innovations of the T.équipe_S7 insert for men, has been revised specifically for the female anatomy.



  • New female-specific S7 generation insert

  • New lower leg pattern for improved fit
  • Made with type.439 material for increased performance
  • Cut in a regular fit for added comfort
  • Perfect for summer and spring/autumn conditions


80% Polyamide(Nylon), 20% Elastane(Spandex)