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BBB Men's Underwear FIRlayer Longsleeve Baselayer, 2023

BBB Men's Underwear FIRlayer Longsleeve Baselayer, 2023

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This base layer keeps you warm and dry during outdoor sports on those cold winter days. The innovative seamless body construction incorporates rib zones for enhanced body support and increased thermal efficiency.

The BBB FIRLAYER Unisex Long Sleeve Base Layer  is made for the coldest of conditions. The innovative Far Infrared (FIR) technology, keeps you warmer and more comfortable by improving the body's metabolism and micro-circulation.  It's the perfect first layer for all your winter cycling activities.


Mesh zones provide improved perspiration control. The combination of polypropylene and polyamide fibers is an excellent blend designed to keep you warm, dry and fresh. With QuickDry treatment.

Far Infrared (FIR) Technology

Where normal insulation works through little air bubbles, works Far InfraRed through a whole other concept. The body emits infrared energy in the form

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