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Fizik Transiro Hydra Shoes

Fizik Transiro Hydra Shoes

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Hydra is a triathlon bike shoe designed to facilitate easier transitions, built with a breathable upper and moderately stiff nylon outsole that combines comfort and pedaling efficiency. It's highly breathable, comfortable triathlon cycling shoe is constructed from 3D air-mesh fabric for cooler, drier feet and built with a single-strap closure system for rapid transitions. Designed and engineered to perform on paved roads, from the smoothest tarmac to the most demanding pavement.


TRANSITION QUICKLY: As transitions become increasingly important—now considered the fourth discipline in any triathlon event, be that a full Ironman race or sprint distance—we have redesigned our tri-shoes range to meet the requirements of the most demanding athletes. Hydra is built with a single Velcro strap to allow faster, worry-free transitions, where any mistake can cost decisive time. Additionally, the enveloping strap provides the strong foot support athletes need to be efficient in every race situation.

EASY-BREATHING AIR MESH: The simple closure system is coupled with an upper made of 3D air-mesh fabric for a shoe that’s highly breathable to help avoid overly sweaty feet, making this an optimal solution for those who prefer to race sockless.

CONTROL, COMFORT AND EFFICIENCY: The newly redesigned R5 nylon outsole offers comfort and a moderate level of stiffness for efficient pedaling. Additionally, cleat positioning is set slightly further back compared to traditional settings to better optimize pedaling efficiency and reduce knee compression. A wide vent inlet provides cooling airflow, aiding in temperature regulation.

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