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Isadore Men's Climber's Jersey, cc

Isadore Men's Climber's Jersey, cc

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Specifically made for intensive workouts like what you will get when riding hard uphill, the Signature Climber's Jersey will keep the body temperature balanced when it’s hot outside. And the Merino fibers naturally absorb UV radiation, protecting the skin from the damage caused by direct sunlight, especially at higher altitudes. Made from a lightweight Merino bi-component material and lightweight Lycra combined with ultra-lightweight Lycra for the sleeves and side panels. Though all of our Signature Climber’s Jerseys are designed to be worn on all sorts of hot weather rides, we like to name each edition after different climbs that have inspired us over the years.

Though our jerseys offer protection from UV rays, we always advise you to wear sun screen protection underneath our jerseys.


  • Active moisture management
  • Merino bi-component material
  • Lightweight Lycra printed sleeves and panels
  • Constructed for hard efforts in hot conditions
  • Made in European Union
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