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Isadore Men's Climbers Jersey 2.0, 2019

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Active moisture management

Super-soft Merino bi-component material

Lightweight Lycra printed sleeves and panels

Constructed for hard efforts in hot conditions

Over the past five years, we have been gathering the feedback from our customers, which has prompted us to refine the fit and reinforce the jersey. With this update, we have added hypoallergenic silicone tape on the sleeves for better grip to keep your tan lines sharp. We’ve redesigned the extra zip pocket on the back cargo area. And to help keep you visible, we’ve added subtle 3D detailing and reflective logo on the back.

Specifically made for intensive workouts like what you will get when riding hard uphill, the Climber's Jersey will keep the body temperature balanced when it’s hot outside. And the Merino fibers naturally absorb UV radiation, protecting the skin from the damage caused by direct sunlight, especially at higher altitudes.

Made from a lightweight Merino bi-component material and lightweight Lycra (23% Merino Wool / 77% Polyester) combined with ultra-lightweight Lycra (14% Elastane, 86% Polyester) sleeves and side panels.

Though all of our Climber’s Jerseys are designed to be worn on all sorts of hot weather rides, we like to name each edition after different climbs that have inspired us over the years. For the Mt. Hehuan Climber’s Jersey, we are looking to a relatively unknown mountain among cyclists, located in central Taiwan, on the western edge of Taroko National Park.

The road up to Hehuan offers amazingly beautiful views of the rolling green hills below. Actually it is the paved road up to Mt. Wuling that leads you to the main slopes of Mt. Hehuan which is more a peak without paved roads. Hehuan Wuling sits between the Main Peak and the East Peak at an altitude of 3,275 meters, which is as high as you can get on a paved road in Taiwan.

Due to its high altitude, even in summer you can expect a brisk 15⁰C at the top. That’s what makes the Merino wool Climber’s Jerseys a perfect for these types of days out, offering the ultimate in temperature regulation from super-hot to moderately chilly conditions.