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Northwave Extreme Pro 3 Shoes

Northwave Extreme Pro 3 Shoes

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Life is too short not to get the best out of it
So, if it is the best you are after, Extreme Pro 3 should be on the top of your list for your next bike trip. Stemming from relentless research and constant consultation with athletes of the calibre of Filippo Ganna, Extreme Pro 3 is the sum total of top performance and fine design.


  • Powershape Carbon 15 sole made entirely from unidirectional carbon fibre with a stiffness index of 15 and a Powershape system that provides the bow arch with support and complete power transfer to the pedal.
  • Compatible with an NW Speedplay/Wahoo adaptor to lower stack height between the foot and the pedal.
  • Upper with ARS (Anatomic Reticular Support) structure and an outer PU skeleton which wraps the foot, transferring every watt of power to the pedal.
  • Double SLW3 dial – the only one with step-by-step release by means of a single button.
  • The mesh insert prevents overheating even in the hottest summer weather.
  • A double different-density footbed for a faultless customised fit (3mm and 5mm thick)
  • Perforated upper for the utmost ventilation.
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