Santini Women's Volo C3W Bibshorts, 2019 - Cycle Closet

Santini Women's Volo C3W Bibshorts, 2019

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Taking comfort to new levels. Constructed from state-of-the-art Thunderbike Power with minimal seams, the Volo bib-shorts are cutting-edge technology. The revolutionary design has no elastic at the bottom of the leg. Instead, the inside of the shorts are peppered with silicon honeycomb, so they adhere perfectly to your skin at every point. No pulling, no stretching.

Butterfly laser cut braces on the back with elasticated mesh insert for perfect breathability. Complete with the C3W Chamois for supreme comfort and protection. Great match for the Lizzie x Santini Volo jersey.

C3 seat pad: An unprecedented innovation! C3 is built through a new process called Carving Technology, which consists in digging (carving) two overlapping foam cores (5mm perforated foam density 60+10mm perforated with density 80) to reduce volume and thickness to create multiple densities without stitching. This special technique allows the pad maximum shock protection, incredible lightness, breathability, and perfect fit because it adheres better to the body allowing freedom of movement.

Two gel inserts positioned in the support of the bones of the ischium (sit bones) allow neutralization of vibrations when the pad is under stress. Innovative is also the construction of the front panel. A soft shell (Conch) that protects the genitals and promotes perspiration, and the closed profile with heat sealing (Closed edge) that allows a more harmonious application of the chamois onto the shorts.

C3 is designed to follow the shape of the male anatomy offering protection to both the bones of the ischium and perineal area and is soft and breathable on the skin thanks to an antibacterial microfiber layer.