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Tifosi Aethon Sunglasses

Tifosi Aethon Sunglasses

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Frame Colour/Lens


Aethon provides full coverage protection with a cutting-edge sport design that is perfect for those in need of performance eyewear. It is equipped with a removable brow bar for a customizable look and feel.


Fototec = Tint darkens as day grows brighter. Transmission range is 14% - 74% light transmision

LNF = Light night Fototec

CBFO = Clarion Blue Fototec – Shatterproof polycarbonate that repels water with a tint that starts nearly clear and darkens in light to a smoke tint with blue mirror

CRFO = Clarion Red Fototec - Polycarbonate shatterproof, scratch-resistant material lenses Fototec lenses adapt on the fly to ambient light

ICC = Equipped with polycarbonate shatterproof, scratch-resistant material lenses for bright, low & no light scenarios

IC = Interchangeable polycarbonate shatterproof, scratch-resistant material lenses. Equipped with lenses for bright, low & no light scenarios

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